About my work as a storyteller...


I have been lucky enough to be around storytelling most of my life. I grew up in Wales, attending Welsh medium education, where we were often told the stories of the Mabinogion. These were the tales that first caught my interest, honing a lifelong obsession with myths and legends.

My love of stories first drew me to the theatre. I wanted to be an actor because I wanted to experience as many different lives as possible, so I studied for a BA in Drama & Theatre Arts at the University of Birmingham. While I was there, however, fate intervened and I went to my first ever storytelling gig at the Kitchen Garden Cafe in Birmingham. I was hooked. I had so many stories I wanted to tell...

So, I entered the national Young Storyteller of the Year award in 2013. To my great surprise, I won the competition, and started gigging nationally as a storyteller, telling stories in story clubs, pubs, festivals and schools. I got to go to New York City to do an internship with the Moth, an amazing live storytelling organisation, and I started to wonder what I was going to do after I graduated university.


I was lucky enough shortly afterwards to be awarded a bursary by the university to stay on and study for a Masters in Theatre Directing. During this time, I buckled down and started to study the art form of storytelling. I created new shows, experimented with different styles of storytelling, and started to collaborate with lots of different companies and organisations as a storyteller and theatre maker, including PuppetSoup and Sherman Theatre, as well as starting to perform at lots of different festivals.

I moved back to Wales the following year and, since then, I've worked full-time as a freelance storyteller. This is an eclectic job that covers a whole load of different work: I run storytelling and theatre projects in schools for a whole range of ages, I collaborate with festivals and arts organisations to create new projects and storytelling performances, I undertake writing and storytelling commissions, I develop new solo shows and collaborate with other storytellers and musicians, and I curate and produce a bi-monthly story night in Bristol, STORYPUB, as one half of the Greenbank Hags.

Since 2019, I've also worked part-time for Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival as an Engagement Coordinator, developing new storytelling projects in Wales, writing funding bids, and collaborating with lots of different artists and community groups.

I've been lucky enough that my work takes me all over the world.  I've run workshops and told stories in Belgium, Switzerland, China and Laos. I've told stories in festival tents, on beaches, in stone circles, in primary school classrooms, and on the top deck of the number 45 bus in Birmingham.

I truly believe that I have the best job in the world.

If you want to know more about my work, please follow the links above. Below are some nice things that people have said about me in the past!

"Tamar...has a vast and indispensable knowledge of both bilingual storytelling and Welsh folklore. She is an exceptionally strong workshop leader and performer and has a very wide and passionate interest in storytelling which she shares with all those who she encounters."

Cass Gastaldon, Manager of PuppetSoup


"Tamar Eluned Williams had the perhaps intimidating challenge of acting as our young storyteller in residence...Rather than simply giving a prepared performance, we asked her to translate some of the impressions and emergent themes of the event into story form, for a performance which would end the entire symposium. It is a testament to her performance skills, critical awareness and repertoire, that she fulfilled this vital role with panache and sensitivity. In her performance she blends the mythic with a personal and reflective voice."

Cath Heinemeyer, International Centre for Arts and Narrative


"The high spot of the evening had to be the stories you shared with us. Although I'm not a Welsh speaker, the sprinkling of Welsh added a mystical quality to the tales. You definitely held us in the palm of your hand!"

Jo Griffiths, Friends of Rhiwbina Library