Lockdown Projects

My situation is a similar one to many freelance artists: as lockdown hit the UK, my freelance bookings started to vanish. Festivals were either postponed or cancelled completely, and school projects that were already underway finished not with a bang but with sad, hurried farewells.

I've been really lucky that a number of the organisations I was booked to work for have bent over backwards to continue working with me in the "new normal". Here are some of the projects I've been working on over the past two months.

Story Cauldron / Crochan Stori

Commission from Literature Wales to develop a Home Storytelling Kit for families during lockdown.  This bilingual project contains recordings of stories in Welsh and English, plus a whole host of activities to do at home with KS2 children to boost storytelling skills and creativity. Click here for links to weekly activities.

Story Snippets

A series of tiny storytelling videos, between two and five minutes long. You can explore these on my YouTube channel by clicking here.


Since 2018, I've been running a regular storytelling night in Bristol, once every two months with co-"Greenbank Hag" Polly Tisdall. Since social distancing measures came into place, we've brought our storytelling nights online. For three months, we brought a curated hour of stories every Sunday evening to our circle of listeners, four storytellers and four stories linked by themes, to encourage sharing, reflection and joy. Now, we're running them once a month.

Please email greenbankhags@gmail.com for details of how to join in!

Head4Arts/Espaci Occitan/Betwyll: Pont Project Online

A wonderful quadrilingual project exploring links between Welsh and Occitan folk tales. Initially taking place in classrooms, the project is now completely online, through the reading app Betwyll and filmed versions of the stories told in Welsh and English by me, here.

The Library of Life

In collaboration with Head4Arts and PETRA Publishing, and working alongside artist Andy O'Rourke, I will be publishing my first book this year. More details to follow soon!

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