I use storytelling as a strategy to develop communication skills, confidence, and creative thinking across all age groups and all curriculums. Below are examples of workshops that I can deliver, but I will tailor her workshops to your classroom needs. If you are studying a particular period of history, author, or theme, I will produce interactive storytelling sessions that will challenge children and young people to extend a range of skills, from strengthening their knowledge of narrative structures to exploring their understanding of what function story has in contemporary societies to culminating in their own performance storytelling work or other responses e.g. visual art and poetry.

My bilingual storytelling sessions can also form part of a school's Curriculum Cymreig. All workshops available in Welsh, English or bilingually.

I'm adding to this page at the moment, so please check back for more details soon!

Old into New: Using traditional stories to create new narratives.

An interactive storytelling workshop suitable for all primary school groups, with adaptations for each key stage. I will share snippets of very old stories, moving into asking workshop participants to create new narratives and develop their understanding of characters and plot twists as they go. Sessions can include hotseating characters, ensemble staging games, creating story maps, rhythm and song games, and creating soundscapes.

There are no wrong answers. Anything can happen.

Responses to "Baba Yaga Bony Legs", Reception

Tell Me Your Story: Autobiographical storytelling & structuring personal narratives.

Suitable for KS2, KS3, KS4 and sixth form. 

This workshop will introduce groups to basic storytelling skills with a series of interactive games, wordplay exercises and group storytelling games, before leading sessions towards sharing personal narratives, all the while sparking discussions regarding strong narrative techniques and the challenges of developing personal stories for performance. Sessions aim to extend participants' confidence in developing "something from nothing", sharing short personal narratives in performance, and holding an audience's attention in the delivery of self-based material.

What makes a good story? Is it the way you tell it?

Workshops developed following work with The Moth and NCS with The Challenge.