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Not Maid, Nor Widow, Nor Wife

Booking 2024

A sensational broadside performed in story and song by Tamar Eluned Williams and Morwen Williams.

"It's always them that write the songs..."

Sisters Tamar and Morwen grew up singing folk songs. Among the sea shanties and the protest songs, the harvest-homes and the May-mornings, there were also a lot of murder ballads about women. Omie Wise, Little Sadie, Maria Marten...some, women who lived and breathed, some fabricated from thin air to fit a gruesome new trend. Bringing together inspiration from the Victorian music halls and the performance of contemporary spoken word, interweaving storytelling and original song, Not Maid, Nor Widow, Nor Wife gives those lost women of the murder ballads a chance to tell their own stories.


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