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Three Around Three / Tri o Bob Tri

Booking 2023

A solo bilingual retelling of the First Branch of the Mabinogion and the story of Rhiannon, a woman from the Otherworld who seeks to change her fortune by marrying a mortal man.

Commissioned by Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival as part of the Gwobr Esyllt Harker Award, the show was first performed at the festival in 2018. It has since toured to Towersey Folk Festival, StoryNight @ the Torriano, Llangollen Story Club, and a Bit Crack Storytelling in Newcastle.

Praise for Three Around Three:

Nell Phoenix, storyteller: "Tamar deftly interweaves story, song and spoken word, retelling the story of Rhiannon. She tells with grace, strength and intelligence, anchoring the stories with phrases and chants in Welsh, evoking a compelling shape-shifting ancient world.''


Marion Leeper, storyteller: "Tamar is a storyteller to watch. Her take on Rhiannon is a breath of fresh air - telling an epic story as a feminist trumpet blast, but is tender, thoughtful and funny too. A great interplay of Welsh and English, and she is so rooted in this material."


Carl Gough, storyteller: "Heartrending yet humorous performance, restoring the female energy of these stories to their rightful place."

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