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I use storytelling as a strategy to develop communication skills, confidence, and creativity across all age groups and all curriculums. I've worked with over 50 schools across the UK delivering both long-term and short-term projects with storytelling at their heart. If you are studying a particular period of history, topic, or theme, I will produce interactive storytelling sessions that will challenge children and young people to extend a range of skills, strengthening their knowledge of narrative structures, exploring their understanding of what function story has in contemporary society and culminating in their own performance storytelling work.

My workshops are interactive, playful, and fun, and guaranteed to get your class up on their feet, thinking creatively, and doing things you didn't think they could do.

My bilingual storytelling sessions can also form part of a school's Cwricwlwm Cymreig. All workshops available in Welsh, English or bilingually.

Past workshops have included the following topics: Norse Mythology, Macsen Wledig/the Roman Empire, Welsh Folktales & Mythology, Personal/Autobiographical Storytelling, Environmental & Nature Storytelling.


"The children thoroughly enjoyed it." - Llanmartin Primary School

"The children were captivated by the story of the Red Dragon and the White Dragon."

"An incredible experience for Year 5. A storytelling workshop with the very talented Tamar Williams." - Llansannor Primary School

"Fantastic! Very engaging for the children." - Christ Church C of E School

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