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The Girl Who Came in From the Sea

Y Fenyw Ddaeth i Fewn o'r Môr 

Commissioned for "Stories at the Heart", Halsway Manor 2016

50mins, bilingual, spoken word & song

A retelling of the second branch of the Mabinogion interweaving song and story from Celtic lands, The Girl Who Came in From the Sea seeks to reposition the tragic figure of the Welsh princess Branwen for a contemporary audience, offering her a new voice and new hope in a changed world.



Praise for The Girl Who Came in From the Sea

"For a storyteller, voice should be a thing of power and beauty...Tamar Williams moves seamlessly between speech and song to create magic."

Taffy Thomas, Storyteller & Commissioner

"[This] interpretation of the ancient tale of Branwen Ferch Llyr from the Second Branch of the Mabinogi is a refreshing and contemporary take on the story which nonetheless is rooted in the traditions of storytelling and mythology...Her Branwen is both a mythological figure and a painfully real mistreated woman." Peter Stevenson, Director of Aberyswyth Storytelling Festival

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